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The world of philanthropy is changing fast. Technology and recent events have forced philanthropists, volunteers, and nonprofits alike to adapt in ways that wouldn’t have felt possible even a decade ago.

With that in mind, it makes one wonder what the future will hold. Such as what trends will become dominant in 2022 and how they will impact charitable giving. Continue reading to get a better idea of what might be in store.

Cryptocurrency Donations

If you follow any financial forum or newsletter, the odds are good that you’ve heard a bit about cryptocurrency. But did you know that it is already making its way into the nonprofit sector

There’s a reason behind this trend – the taxes work to everyone’s benefit. Since cryptocurrency is not taxed like money, the laws and regulations are vastly different. Many nonprofits are working to establish ways of handling this new form of donation. 

Fewer Donors, Larger Gifts

Experts believe that 2022 will ultimately bring out fewer donors – but these donors will be contributing more. There are many reasons why households are contributing less than usual; some of these reasons are financial, others tax-related. What is essential to understand is how it will impact nonprofits. 

Technology and Event Planning

The pandemic forced many organizations to change how they reached out to supporters. Those able to adapt survived and possibly even flourished. Now organizations are improving on what they have learned. One result from these lessons would be the increase in tech-driven events. These events allow people from all over the world to experience what the nonprofit or organization offers.

Workplace Volunteering

It is entirely likely that 2022 will see an even higher increase in employee engagement programs through the workforce. People are hoping to make a difference globally, and companies recognize that. This change contrasts with the days when companies were more like to donate or collect funds.

Demand for Transparency

There has been an increasing demand for transparency over the last decade. However, that decade has reached new levels within the past two years. Now people are calling for both nonprofits and philanthropists to be more transparent in the way funds are exchanged. 

Animal Protection

Believe it or not, people have become more vocal about the treatment of animals in recent years. As such, it is expected that this trend will dominate in 2022. Animal protection comes in all varieties, including preserving species diversity, protecting wildlife habitats, and training more service animals.